Stop throwing your money away

Leona Perkins

Welcome to my blog! I’m Leona Perkins, a financial planner. I’ve created this blog to help people realize their dreams by achieving financial freedom. Most of my clients have been able to double or triple the amount of money they put away for retirement simply by not wasting money on utilities and other money wasters.
You may not realize it, but you probably do have enough money. You simply need to find way that your money is escaping and plug up these leaks. Your money might be escaping through a leak in your window or you may be losing most of it through entertainment expenses. Whatever the cause, once you have identified it, you can increase the size of your bank account.
What’s even more exciting is that the principles that I will teach you will not only help you save money at home, but can also be applied to your business. Of course, there are additional challenges associated with saving money if you are a business owner. For example, you must find ways to motivate your employees to implement the practices that will have the greatest cost-cutting benefits. However, by lowering your expenses, you will pass more savings onto customers and your shareholders, growing your business and increasing profitability.