Stop throwing your money away

Cutting Home Expenses

If your family just can’t seem to get ahead, there might be some ways in which you need to cut your expenses. Since most families see most their earnings wasted on utility expenses, this is the first place to look when cutting home expenses.

Find Ways to Lower Your Utilities

One of the biggest expenses that most families experience is utilities. For this reason, families should prioritize finding ways to lower utility bills by not using electrical appliances as often and by insulating the home well. Gas, water and cable are other major expenses.

Get a Power Strip

There are power strips that will detect if an appliance is not active and will then kill the power to the appliance. These are necessary because appliances use a surprisingly large amount of electricity even when they are turned off. It is difficult to remember to unplug appliances when not in use.

Reduce Your Cooling Expenses

Lowering your cooling is the greatest way to reduce energy waste because the AC unit uses more electricity than any other appliance in the home. Most heat comes from the sun shining directly on the roof. Therefore, if you plant trees around your home, you will block sunlight and reduce your AC costs. Adding solar screens can also help by reflecting solar rays and preventing them from reaching your home in the first place.

Fix Your Drafty Windows

Drafty windows are a common source of heat loss or heat gain. Air carries heat through gaps in the window. By sealing these gaps, you can reduce your home’s energy costs. This can both reduce your electricity bill and also your natural gas or oil bill.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will reduce your heating and cooling by raising or lowering the temperature at different times of the day. For example, when you’re away at work, the thermostat can cause the HVAC to power down until you arrive home.

Fix Leaky Faucets

One of the largest sources of water waste is leaky faucets. Also, by having faucets that leak, you can attract pests into your home. Before attempting to repair a leaky faucet, make sure that you shut off the water so you do not flood the home.